Azadirachtin 01


Product: Azadirachtin 10000ppm / Neem Kavach

Use for: Azadirachtin is used to control white flies, aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, caterpillars, beetles, mushroom flies, mealybugs, leaf miners, gypsy moths and others on food, greenhouse crops, ornamentals and turf.


Packing: 1 Liter (Effective Control Of Sucking Insects)

  1. Disturbs / inhibits the development of the eggs, larvae, & pupae
  2. Blocks the molting of larvae or nymphs
  3. Disturbs mating and sexual communication
  4. Repels larvae and adults
  5. Deters females from laying eggs
  6. Sterilizes adults
  7. Deters feeding


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