Prepare planting bed by adding compost, or planting mix along with Bone Powder. Hand spade or rototill to a depth of 12 to 14 inches. Level garden soil before planting.

If planting bulbs individually, dig hole to the correct depth, then add bone powder and mix with loose soil in bottom of hole. Pop in the bulb, cover with soil and thoroughly water.

When planting or transplanting individual plants, trees / shrubs and roses, dig hole approximately twice the size of the root ball. Add bone powder and mix with loose dirt in bottom of hole before setting plant. Fill hole with dirt and water thoroughly.

  •  Up to 60g / plant for trees, shrubs & roses
  • 70 – 135g/m2 applied evenly and worked into the top 50-70cm of soil in flower and vegetable gardens
  • This 40kg bag in enough to treat 1000 – 1500m2

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