Cocopeat Bricks



  • Brick weight: 4-5 Kg and after dipping in water; usable volume 16 lt.
  • Coir Peatis made from the husk of coconuts, and is a by-product of the coconut industry in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries. The coconut husk yields longer coir fibers, used for making ropes, matting, netting Previously the non-fibrous material (a corky, pith like material) was dumped, but now it is screened to give consistent particle size and organic matter content, and baled for use as an alternative to peat moss. Since its introduction to the market, Coir Peat has found uses in many horticultural applications – including greens constructions.
  • Coir Peat is 100 % Natural, an Excellent medium for plant growth, Improves  physical &  biological  condition  of  soil, High  moisture  retention, Improves  aeration, Reduces frequency of  irrigation, Enhances  strong  and  healthy  root  system, Better  yield, Contains  natural enzymes  and  plant  nutrients, Stimulates the production of phytohormones, Promotes vegetative growth, Hygroscopic properties, Produces crops for up to five years, No harmful environmental impact, a natural soil less hydroponic growing medium, produces Excellent quality and high yield vegetable and cut flower crops.
  • Coir pith is mixed with suitable animal manure such as cow dung or poultry litter by using it as an absorbent in cattle farms and poultry farms. The spent coir pith is richly soaked with the dropping of the animals and this product is further decomposed using fungal culture. Suitable minerals are added to increase the availability of secondary and micro nutrients. The fungus breaks down the coir pith and the natural bacteria in the manure breaks down the manure resulting in a rich, soft, humus, organic manure that is widely used for horticulture, especially seed germination and organic farming of vegetables.


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